Student associations at IÉSEG are a great way for students to gain experience in team projects, take on responsibilities, acquire relevant professional experience, and of course to pursue hobbies. With over 52 clubs/associations, 750 members and 500 events per year, students have a real opportunity to flourish personally and professionally.


Fédération des Étudiants – Student Federation

The Féderation des Étudiants is the overlying structure for all student associations at IÉSEG. Its goal is to supervise the five major intercampus events of the year (IÉSEG Weekend, Sports Weekend, Artistic Weekend, Gala, Ski School), to allot financial resources equally to the clubs and associations, and to make a link between the School’s students and its administration.

Association des Étudiants de l’IÉSEG – IÉSEG Student Associations

L’Association des Étudiants de l’IÉSEG Lille or AEIL and L’Association des Étudiants de l’IÉSEG Paris or AEIP are the cornerstones of associative life on each campus. These are responsible supervisory bodies, judicially and financially speaking, for the different campus associations under their control.

The goal of these student associations (also known as AEI) is to manage, finance and advise around 20 associations per campus in their various activities. The AEI look after the proper distribution of resources and look after project planning to make sure that events throughout the year run smoothly.

52 student associations to help IÉSEG students thrive