6 new certified tracks by IÉSEG Executive

October 15, 2013

Each job needs several competences to be done well.

After having discussed with company partners, HR managers and different experts, IÉSEG Executive launches 6 thematic tracks to widen and deepen expected competences.

New manager, there are several levers to develop team performance : motivation, team cohesion, time and stress management, conflict management…

Advanced manager, you have to negotiate, to be a coach, to be a leader… to take up new challenges from your organization and your environment.

HR managers, you are faced to strategic problematics such as human development, change management, Social Business… Design and adapt the HR strategy to fit with the global strategy of your company.

Business manager, widen your competencies in negotiation, commercial team management, key account management, commercial and marketing strategy…

Marketing manager, use the 360° marketing. From operational marketing to brand management, CRM or creativity, marketing offers a wide range of expertises to develop the performance of your company.

CEO, Business Unit Director, you have to manage finance and marketing issues, you have to innovate, lead and management the change… to survive on the market.

parcours executiveThere are 5 modules (from 1 to 3 days each) to choose to complete a track and get the IÉSEG certificate.

This certificate from a Grande Ecole de commerce adds value to your professional experience and is also a caution of your new competences for headhunters.

You can get a privileged rate and use your DIF for those trainings ; you can also get a financial help from your OPCA.

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Contact : executive@ieseg.fr