IÉSEG Alumnus launches project to cross Africa on bike & support educational projects

December 13, 2018

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FINAL logo hisadventuresJean-Guillaume Karcher, an IÉSEG alumnus (2015), will leave at the end of 2019 for a 2-year journey across Africa with his bicycle to raise awareness about and support education projects in the countries he will visit.

Throughout this 27,000-kilometer trip across the continent, from Morocco to South Africa, Jean-Guillaume will work via his association H.I.S. Adventures (Help Inspire Share Adventure) in order to help make communities more autonomous through education, all the while traveling in an environmentally respectful way.


Jean Guillaume Karcher

He hopes to be able to both fund the trip (20K euro budget) and to fundraise up to €250,000 initially for ten different projects related to education, such as bringing electricity to a school in Uganda. (If he does not succeed in fundraising at least €200,000, he plans to fund the trip himself.)

“After three years as a General Manager of a trading company in China, I decided it was the right time to start something completely new,” he explains. “As I wanted to have a positive impact on society, I decided to create the association H.I.S Adventures (Help Inspire Share Adventures).  I decided to focus on education because I believe it is a key to many different problems of the world. When people receive an education, they are able to think critically and to understand the world better to make it a better place,” Jean-Guillaume Karcher explained.

Jean-Guillaume will publish content related to the trip and HIS Adventures fundraising on the association’s social media pages.

To find partners and to create a community around his project, Jean-Guillaume has organized events in Lille, Paris, Shanghai, and Montreal.

More information is available on the facebook page.