Brand Management and Sustainability: Yves Rocher speaks at IÉSEG

Caroline MAUFFRE ARRIETA, Lead of Impact brand & Innovations, Yves Rocher

IÉSEG has been rewarded for its strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as it is an aspect that is integrated into all of its academic programs. This approach is reflected not only in the course content of all the programs offered, but also in the presentations made by industry professionals, giving students a valuable perspective on the challenges and opportunities of today’s business world.

As part of the Brand Management course taught by Pascale PATAT-DUBOUIS, Professor of Marketing at IÉSEG, Master students from the Grande École Program had the pleasure of welcoming Caroline MAUFFRE ARRIETA, Lead of Impact brand & Innovations at Yves Rocher. This meeting took the students into the world of the brand, highlighting its sustainable commitment through its responsible positioning and strategy.

Since its foundation in 1959 by the eponymous visionary, Yves Rocher has been a pioneer in the fields of natural products, French manufacturing and social responsibility. The brand focuses its communications on the commitments it truly embodies through its increasingly responsible product offering. Yves Rocher positions itself as an inspiring example of a brand that integrates sustainability at the heart of its identity and business, while educating and engaging its consumers in the process.

Caroline MAUFFRE ARRIETA shared in a highly interactive way with the students the foundations of the Yves Rocher brand, its history and its sustainability-focused vision since its inception. At the heart of the presentation was the crucial question: how and why is responsible positioning essential for a brand in the 21st century?

She also highlighted the contradictions facing consumers: on the one hand, the desire to be more environmentally responsible, and on the other, the reluctance to make efforts at the expense of comfort. Yves Rocher is striving to navigate this “green gap” by increasing the visibility of its actions to encourage consumers to change their habits, and also, above all, by offering products that combine efficiency and sensoriality with respect for the environment, such as solid shampoos.

“This presentation illustrated theoretical concepts seen in class with concrete examples from a well-known brand. I think it really inspired the students by exposing them to contemporary marketing challenges. What’s more, it was also an opportunity for them to expand their network by interacting with Caroline. By combining a presentation with fun tools to encourage students to actively participate, the intervention offered them a valuable immersion in the real world of sustainable brand management.”


Mathilde TREMBLE, a student who took part in the presentation, emphasized the importance of a “captivating” approach for future professionals and consumers alike: “I appreciated that Yves Rocher also emphasized sustainable thinking and how to make us consumers more responsible through fun tools and interactive quizzes.”

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