CHANGE magazine – 9th issue: the collective, who are we?

With the aim of pursuing and enriching exchanges with its network, and stimulating innovation and creativity together, IÉSEG is launching issue no. 9 of its magazine CHANGE – A new way of talking business. The magazine’s ambition is to be an information tool, drawing on the expertise of the school’s professors and the informed viewpoint of professionals on current issues. The magazine hopes to provide its readers with ideas and food for thought to fuel their daily lives and their perception of the business challenges of today and tomorrow.

The collective, step by step

The term ‘collective’ has come to the fore in every field over the past decade, including the corporate world, and is naturally at the center of all our attention and strategies. In particular, the collective is concerned with “the ways in which a group of ‘I’ become a ‘we'”.

  • But when can a group of individuals be considered as a ‘collective’?
  • To what extent can it foster the commitment and performance of employees or a team?
  • How can we remain collective in an individualistic world?
  • How is the Familistère de Guise in itself a collective experience and a lesson?
  • What are the specific characteristics of digital teams?
  • How is a collective managed in the world of arts, particularly in improv theatre?
  • What role does it play in sports?
  • How do you maintain solidarity within a team in order to encourage performance?
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