IÉSEG launches COMET, the certificate for coaches and mentors of transformation

To successfully meet the challenges imposed by our rapidly transforming world, companies of all sizes now require teams with a thorough mastery of two major value-creation postures: coaching and mentoring. These postures are indeed essential in the corporate environment as they enable individuals and organizations to connect with current issues and major challenges. They also provide teams with the ability to adapt corporate strategies and long-term vision to the new context in which they operate.

Through the COMET certificate, trained managers will be able to adjust their attitude and practices according to the needs and contexts of teams and organizations, with the utmost discernment. This is also a rare opportunity for companies to reveal and awaken changemakers within their organization, providing employees who wish to engage in a different way with the keys to take action and facilitate the transformation.

The COMET certificate is intended for all those (managers, consultants, etc.) who are involved on a daily basis in the transformation of organizations in all its dimensions (digital transformation, economic transformation, CSR transformation, but above all, human transformation) and who wish to equip themselves with the necessary resources and skills to effectively respond to these transformations, both at the individual level (coaching of collaborators) and at the organizational level (mentoring).

The program, which lasts 10 days in an agile mode (mostly online with 2 days of in-person sessions every 3 weeks), includes 60 hours of coaching/mentoring practice and draws on recognized experts. The COMET certificate offers an active and varied pedagogy based on a competency framework and real-life confrontations, adopting a Test & Learn approach individually and collaboratively.

This pedagogical approach, which is unique for a certificate program, aims to train professionals capable of being both a coach and a mentor, depending on the needs and contexts. These two postures, two toolboxes, two paradigms of experiences and practices, are necessary to have a legitimate and lasting impact in a world of constant change. This certificate also provides the necessary skills for designing coaching or mentoring programs within organizations, enabling trained individuals to drive a genuine transformation of managerial culture within institutions.

The Program in Brief


Master coaching skills to practice with ethics, consciousness, and effectiveness.
Conduct an assessment of team functioning, reveal visible and invisible patterns.
Activate individual value that contributes to the collective and identify team action priorities.


Master different forms of mentoring.
Learn to identify mentee expectations to assign the appropriate mentor.


Evaluate the impact and profitability of the coaching or mentoring program as well as the cultural transformation actions.
Quickly grasp dynamics and typologies of phenomena, going beyond subjective interpretations, understanding the key systemic comprehension drivers, and developing scientific reasoning within a world of constant change (critical thinking).


Being able to draw positive and negative lessons from the coaching or mentoring program. Reflecting on the developed approach, employed methods, produced outcomes, the role and level of involvement of relevant stakeholders, as well as the means used.