Conferences and Workshops on Personal Development, Leadership and Management

October 13, 2014

Executive MBAFor the opening of IÉSEG’s Executive MBA in September 2015, conferences and seminars are being organized throughout the academic year on the 3 areas mentioned above: personal development, leadership and management.

They are co- hosted by a member of staff of the Executive MBA as well as an expert from the corporate world. Depending on the themes, the conferences and workshops are open to all members of the public with the objective of allowing participants to deepen their knowledge and reflect on the issues concerned.

Dates of future conferences and workshops:

Workshop “Discover your personality through psychological tests” Tuesday 4th November 2014

Are you assertive? An optimist, do you have enough self-compassion? What is your level of emotional intelligence? What kind of personality do I have? How can I measure the characteristics? Being able to answer these questions allows you to increase your self-awareness. This is more and more important today to find your place within a company that is constantly-changing. Participants will have the opportunity to complete various tests that will be available.

This workshop will be hosted by Dr. Thierry NADISIC, Researcher in organizational behavior, Professor and Director of the E-MBA IÉSEG-CEGOS and co-author of “Social Justice and the experience of emotion.  Routledge, 2010.

Conference: “ How does a leader create and motivate change?” – Thursday 20th November 2014

Facing constant change, developing companies aim to remain coherent with the environment. What methods do leaders use to motivate change and decrease resistance to it?

This conference will be co-hosted by Meryem Le Saget,  consultant in strategy and change management, keynote speaker and author of “Le Manager Intuitif”, Dounod 3rd edition: 2013 and of “La pratique du leadership partagé” with  Edith Luc, PUM, 2013 and Dr. Anna Canato, Professor in strategy, IÉSEG-CNRS, author of “Coerced practice implementation in cases of low cultural fit: Cultural change and practice adaption during the implementation of Six Sigma at 3M”. Academy of Management Journal, 2013.