Creation of a certified Negotiation Track for executives

IESEG’s Executive Education Department offers training programs for professionals, executives and directors. It has just created a certified Negotiation Track : “International Negotiator”.
Here is an interview with Ian Speakman, Head of the Negotiation team at IESEG and co-founder of the Track.

IESEG Executive Education  offers a Negotiation Track : “International Negotiator”. Why ?
IESEG has one of the largest faculties focused on International Negotiation and Sales Management.
It therefore makes sense for IESEG Executive to offer the extensive expertise to corporate education programmes.

What is the “International Negotiator” track about ?
The primary objective is to improve the participants’ negotiation and communication abilities, increasing social awareness and adding wider commercial ability to the skills they already possess.
The learning objectives of the track vary depending upon the modules chosen.
Indeed, 6 modules about various negotiation and sales topics are proposed in this « International Negotiator » track : Perfectionnement aux techniques commerciales, Les clés d’une négociation efficace, Communication and conflict management, Strategic Account Management best practice, International negotiation, Advanced negotiation skills.
Some modules are delivered in French, other in English, all by international experts.
You have to pick up 3 of those modules to get the “International Negotiator” certificate.

What are the key points of this track ?
There really is only one lesson, the golden rule : do not assume the behaviours of others. You must predict their reaction to your behavior, and adapt according for the optimum possible outcome for both parties.

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