Crédit Agricole Nord de France & IÉSEG Chair: data to improve customer experience

Crédit Agricole Nord de France and IÉSEG have been working together for 5 years on topics related to data science to improve customer relationship. The two long-standing partners have recently decided to strengthen their collaboration through the creation of a new Chair. Based on the expertise of IÉSEG Center of excellence for Marketing Analytics (ICMA), this Chair includes research projects as well as workshops for exchanges and good practices. The objective: to serve better the Crédit Agricole’s customers and employees.

Leveraging the School’s Academic and International expertise

Experts from the Center of excellence for Marketing (ICMA), recognized internationally for their research in the fields of data science, marketing analytics and customer relationship management, will thus develop various research activities within the framework of this Chair. IÉSEG has also recruited a PhD student, Stéphanie BEYER DIAZ, who works with Crédit Agricole Nord de France on cutting-edge projects related to customer and employee experience.

“Stéphanie brings both academic and professional international experience in this field,” explains Kristof COUSSEMENT, professor at IÉSEG and co-director of the Chair, and director of ICMA. “She has worked as an analyst and data scientist before pursuing her academic career in data at IÉSEG.

Stéphanie spends on average 2 to 3 days a week at Crédit Agricole Nord de France where she relies on ICMA’s and Crédit Agricole Nord de France’s data expertise to develop new predictive models (using Deep Learning) that aim to improve customer experience.

“Through this partnership, ICMA researchers will also contribute to advancements and developments in the banking industry and customer relationship management via articles published in top scientific journals and international conferences. The Chair offers a unique interaction between the professional expertise and the researchers’ experience that leads to innovation” highlights Dr. Arno De Caigny, co-director of the Chair.

The exchanges and interactions between Crédit Agricole Nord de France’s teams, researchers and students during the workshops are rich and productive. This active collaboration allows us to keep innovating for our banking activity and to improve our customer experience. We thus benefit from the proximity between research and application” adds Laure VIVIEN, marketing and multi-channel director at Crédit Agricole Nord de France.

Customer experience and data: workshops to promote the exchange of best practices between employees and experts from the School

The two partners will start a joint series of workshops in October for Crédit Agricole Nord de France employees on topics related to customer and employee experience: experts from the School will lead workshops and exchanges to disseminate the implementation of good practices within the bank.

Gwarlann DE KERVILER and Yvon MOYSAN, two experts in digital marketing, will host a first workshop on social networks and marketing with sessions on authenticity and ‘new’ social networks – such as Tiktok or Clubhouse – which are key elements in banks’ marketing strategies. This will be followed by workshops on customer loyalty and the keys for remote management, a major issue for companies in all sectors.

Involvement in the School’s life

Crédit Agricole Nord de France actively participates in various educational initiatives within the School, such as the hackathons for the Master of Science in “Big Data Analytics for Business” on the IÉSEG campus in Lille.

The objective of this annual data science challenge is to give students the opportunity to work on real life business questions or issues by applying the theory and skills acquired in their program over a four-month period.

Crédit Agricole Nord de France is also a very involved partner in the School’s various activities such as company forums, conferences, recruitment sessions, etc. and welcomes many interns and graduates of IÉSEG.

In addition, IÉSEG and Le Village by CA Nord de France (a network of start-up incubators supported by Crédit Agricole) have just launched a new 8-day training program for managers of very small and medium-sized enterprises and intermediate-sized enterprises: Transition Accelerator. In an increasingly changing and uncertain environment, organizations must adapt and transform themselves by integrating today’s major issues and anticipating tomorrow’s changes. The objective of this training, delivered at the Village By CA Nord de France in Euratechnologies, is to give participants the keys to understanding their organization’s transformation drivers and to develop a leadership posture that is suited to the new challenges.