CRÉENSO Prize: launch of the eighth edition

November 8, 2018


CRÉENSO 2018/2019

The 2018-2019 edition of the CRÉENSO Prize – a national competition for social entrepreneurship- got underway in October with the first meeting between the 15 selected entrepreneurs and the 15 students from IÉSEG who will work together for one year.

Created in 2011 by IÉSEG and the Fondation Ceetrus pour l’Entrepreneur Social (the formerly the IMMOCHAN Foundation), this prize aims to reward the creators of a social enterprise in two ways:

  • The fifteen entrepreneurs/social enterprises selected by the organizers benefit from the support and skills of an IÉSEG Master student during an academic year.
  • In the spring of 2019, a total of € 20,000 will be awarded to the three best projects (€ 10,000 for the first prize and € 5,000 for other two best projects).

preview-creensoThe award seeks to contribute to the success of young companies that focus on the human and social dimension and the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs in management schools like IÉSEG.

On October 26, the representatives of the 15 companies/organizations (see list below) met their IÉSEG student partner during a lunch at the restaurant “Dans le Noir” (or ‘In the Dark’, a social venture) in Paris, followed by an afternoon working together to lay the foundations for their work in the coming months.

  • Le Recho (creates a social bond between local and exiled populations through cuisine) – Paris
  • FairTrip (collaborative mobile application that promotes fair, social, supportive, and sustainable tourism) – Choisy-le-Roi
  • Nous (network of independent stores committed to reducing waste) – Paris
  • Vigne de Cocagne (cooperative vineyard) – Fabrègues
  • La Table de Cocagne de la Haute Borne (a social integration restaurant) – Villeneuve-d’Ascq
  • Aglaé (first company specialized in luminescent plants) – Paris
  • Smart Futures (favors civic engagement and well-being through collaboration) – Aix-en-Provence
  • Re-Belle: Conserverie Anti-Gaspi d’Ile de France (creates quality jam with products removed from distribution circuits. This helps employ locals and reduces its partners’ waste) – Romainville
  • Deligume (online platform that puts local producers and artisans in contact with a clientele wanting to eat better, and encourages responsible and sustainable development) – Anse
  • Juggle (innovative software publishing company for the medico-social sector) – Nancy
  • Unity Cube (turns empty offices into emergency housing) – Toulouse
  • Prowd (digital coach allowing people to save money through ecological acts)– Paris
  • Rox (ethical transportation, inspired by the social and solidary economy) – Tremblay-en-France
  • Mon Épi (free platform to create and manage an inclusive grocery) – Châteaufort
  • Caracol (organizes flat shares in vacant housing between refugees and young professionals) – Paris

Rendez-vous in May 2019 for the final of the competition, during which the jury will select the 3 winners.

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