Executive Education: a look at the tailor-made program co-created with Cerba HealthCare

Cerba HealthCare, an international network of medical biology laboratories, recently decided to co-develop a tailor-made program with IÉSEG.

As Cerba is positioned in a highly competitive environment, it is constantly striving to develop its efficiency via its operational managers.

The 30-day Executive Education program was designed in partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Lyon to promote participants’ open-mindedness and their skill development in areas related to strategic management, operational excellence, leadership, etc.

The training was based on a variety of materials, activities and experiences: videos, case studies, business visits, exchanging/sharing, experience feedback, role-playing exercises, and methodological contributions, etc.

The program started in the spring of 2019 with 2 intense days conducive to team building, with a tailor-made workshop centered of the theme of Confidence and performance accelerator. Participants also visited companies like Amazon, Leroy-Merlin and Babolat, and exchanged with managers from these companies.

Testimonial from Lionelle MAZOYER, Head of Human Resources at Cerba HealthCare: “Employee development is a strong mark of the Group, and our performance is the result of it.

“This operational performance is illustrated in particular through the establishment of a unit of operational managers (which began a few years ago), of which the purpose is the efficiency of our organizations through a lean culture and flow management.

“This culture needed to spread across the organizational structure. This, along with allowing participants to acquire additional skills, is the objective of this program.

“From the center (of the organization), the competences will spread locally: the teams will work together, hand in hand, sharing the same philosophy, the same methods, serving an augmented performance.”