Fox Impact Challenge: a competition rewarding the CSR actions of IÉSEG’s student associations

The Fox Impact Challenge was born out of IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris’ desire to involve all IÉSEG students in CSR-related projects. It is a project that fits perfectly with the vision of IÉSEG’s Junior-Enterprise, the AEIL (the Student Association of IÉSEG Lille) and the AEIP (the Student Association of IÉSEG Paris): to engage all the members of the student association system to contribute in a positive way to changes in society, by developing innovative and positive impact projects for students.


The objective of this competition was thus to challenge the student associations to encourage them to mobilize even more for positive impact projects intended for students and aimed at improving student life on a daily basis. The challenge was divided into two selection phases: the first one consisted in sending a detailed file describing the project and its feasibility, before pitching the project in front of a jury composed of the president of the AEIP, the president of the AEIL, the vice-president of IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris, Maria CASTILLO (Social and Environmental Impact Director) and Romain NOEL (Associate Deputy Director of student life).

The winning association received a financial aid of €1,500 and guidance from the Junior-Enterprise to implement its project in a concrete way. For this first edition, the winner is “O convivial”, an association whose project is to create a convivial space on the Paris campus for students and all the stakeholders of the School. The public’s favorite was awarded to the ACT association (Actors for Change and Transition) Paris, which won €300, by proposing a “Green Career Day” – a forum with companies from the Social and Economic Enconomy or with a CSR dimension, in order to allow students to meet with them.

« We are very pleased with this first edition for which we have received a dozen of applications. We even received the support from the School’s management to launch the project again next year and make it an annual event”, explains to us Leonard JOFFRE, vice-president of IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris.

IÉSEG CONSEIL Paris is the Parisian Junior-Enterprise of IÉSEG School of Management, also a member of the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises; it offers its clients consulting services in order to support their development.

The IÉSEG Lille Student Association (AEIL) and the IÉSEG Paris Student Association (AEIP) are the cornerstones of the associative life of each campus. They are the supervisory bodies responsible, legally and financially speaking, for the various campus associations. They bring together more than 50 associations in various fields: sports, culture, student life, CSR, humanitarian, entrepreneurship…

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