Hope Project: IÉSEG welcomes second group of international collaborators from Decathlon

April 10, 2015

For the second consecutive year, IÉSEG welcomes a group of young international collaborators from Decathlon.

photo: ©Jean-Pierre Verrue

photo: ©Jean-Pierre Verrue

Between February and the end of June, forty participants from 15 different countries will follow a customized training program developed by IÉSEG and Decathlon.

This program will enable them, for example, to work on strategic topics and to further explore careers and the company vision, through an intensive and cross-cutting training course.

During the 4.5 months, the Decathlon employees spend an average of three days a week at IÉSEG where they follow a program of 25 courses covering topics such as strategic analysis, value creation, negotiation, or collaborative management. These courses are developed together with Decathlon and managers from the company present during the programme.

The collaborators also spend three days a week at Decathlon where they discover further details about different aspects of the company (e.g. its brands, warehouses etc), have further training, work in the company’s stores, and on other transversal projects. During the “Hope Project” they will also visit companies from different sectors in France as well as companies in Barcelona and Stockholm as part of two international “learning trips”

Participants are also accompanied through a “tandem” system (with staff from IÉSEG) and with “mentors” at Decathlon, enabling them to discover French culture and different issues related to the company.