IÉSEG Executive Development & Innovation: tailor-made training also for the industrial sector

IÉSEG Executive Development & Innovation trains over 1,000 executives and managers each year, and guides more and more industries that wish to develop their employees’ skills, in particular in management.

While trainings in technical skills have long been favored in the industrial sector, societal changes and the so-called ‘VUCA’ (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment have gradually led executives and training managers to offer soft skills development courses to their operational or service site managers.

IÉSEG has thus recently co-developed projects with companies such as Wilo, the Ramery Group and ArcelorMittal France.

ArcelorMittal is the world leader in steelmaking and mining, employing 168,000 people worldwide (including 15,500 in France) and operating in over 60 countries. In a sector that is constantly changing, strengthening its leadership position is a constant challenge that requires skilled and efficient management teams capable of understanding the various strategic issues.

ArcelorMittal France and IÉSEG Executive Development & Innovation worked on redesigning the training program “Management level 2” to integrate new approaches and adapt it to the evolution of the group’s context: implementation of cross-functional departments, shortened hierarchical lines, geographical distribution of managed teams and correspondents appointed in the industrial departments to foster interaction with the cross-functional departments…

Every year, some 20 experienced managers from ArcelorMittal France will benefit from a 6,5-day training course led by IÉSEG experts on leadership, agile & remote management, managerial impacts in a VUCA environment, conflict management and creation of value.

For this course, IÉSEG has developed a unique learning experience in « blended learning », which is certified by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification in France) and eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account) in order to meet ArcelorMittal France’s certification requirements and to value the development of each participating managers’ skills.

For IÉSEG, the development of a tailor-made course for the industrial sector also represents an opportunity to adapt to new expectations and to be enriched by organizational models that are different from those in the service sector.

For more information: Fayçal CHOUAF, Consultant IÉSEG Executive Development & Innovation –

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