IÉSEG faculty win 2023 Research Awards

IÉSEG professors are active in their different fields of research and contribute widely to international academic publications, conferences and scholarly activities. This ensures the relevance, the originality and the quality of content brought into the classrooms and when engaging with other stakeholders (for example, in the corporate sector, or tertiary sector).

Several professors at the School have recently been recognized for the quality of their research in the framework of different national and international awards.

2023 Research Award for Responsible Research in Management

At the beginning of July, research carried out by Professors Farah Kodeih, Henri Schildt (Aalto University) and Tom Lawrence (Oxford University), were awarded the 2023 Award for Responsible Research in Management. Co-sponsored by Fellows of the Academy of Management and the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management, the award recognizes high quality scientific research that addresses critical issues in business and society.

Their paper “Countering indeterminate temporariness: Sheltering work in refugee camps” (in Organization Studies) looked at how a local NGO supported Syrian refugees in their efforts to rebuild meaningful lives and become less dependent on aid.

As academics, we have a moral responsibility to contribute to the discussion on migration, and this recognition reaffirms the importance of our work,” Farah explains. “I am truly honored and humbled to receive this award, and I am excited to continue our research efforts to make a positive impact in the field.”

More information on their work is also available in this video.

The Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises (FNEGE) / Syntec Conseil Research Awards – 2023 Academic Award for Management Research

Each year, the FNEGE (a French foundation for the development and involvement of academic education in all the management fields) and Syntec Conseil organize a series of awards to recognize management research.

In June, Professor Lucas Amaral Lauriano was presented with the special CSR Prize that recognizes a paper with important implications for businesses, high quality analysis and clear writing.  Lucas and his co-author Thiago Coacci (UFMG – Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil), were recognized for their article “Losing Control: The Uncertain Management of Concealable Stigmas When Work and Social Media Collide”, published in the Academy of Management Journal.

“I have been experiencing and observing the main topics of this research for the past ten years, at least,” explains Lucas. “Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate and behave in the workplace. Surprisingly, there had been scant attention to the way platforms such as Facebook and Instagram might complexify or facilitate how individuals (attempt to) conceal or reveal a stigma to their peers and superiors. To explore these topics, we focused on LGBTQIA+ employees, who are still highly stigmatized in many organizations. I believe we offer clear behavioral reactions that help organizations understand the main struggles that social media can cause to individuals who are traditionally marginalized in face-to-face situations.”

More information on his work is also available in this video on IÉSEG Insights, the School’s knowledge website.

Spanish Accounting Association (AECA) – 2023 Research Award for Accounting Articles

The Spanish Accounting Association has awarded Professors Cinthia Valle Ruiz and Christof Beuselinck the Accessit Prize (best paper award) for 2023 Articles on Accounting. This award is granted to three selected articles on accounting topics with the objective of recognizing excellent research while at the same time helping the authors to disseminate their research results to a broader audience.

Cinthia, Christof and their co-authors Nora Muñoz Izquierdo (CUNEF, Spain) and Nathan Goldman (North Carolina State University, USA) have been recognized for their paper on “Tax-related Key Audit Matters and Changes in Corporate Income Shifting”. The authors are among the first to provide evidence that corporations respond to specific key audit matters raised by the external auditor in that they alter their tax planning behavior when expanded audit report components highlighted specific aggressive tax positions.

This award is highly important to us because it recognizes the importance of our research results for the economic debate and at the same time gives us the opportunity to disseminate our research results to a broader audience,” explains Cinthia.

The extended summary findings of the article have also been published in the Cinco Dias newspaper, the economics section of the well-known Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Financial Management Association International (FMA International) – European Conference

Meanwhile, Professor Tinghua Duan (IÉSEG) and his co-authors Frank Weikai Li (Singapore Management University) and Roni Michaely (University of Hong Kong and ECGI) have been awarded the ‘Best Paper in Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions’ during the FMA International European Conference in Denmark.

Their paper “Consumer Reactions to Corporate ESG Performance: Evidence from Store Visits” studies end consumers’ reactions to corporate ESG performance, and suggests that a firm’s ESG polices can affect its financial performance and shareholder value through the consumer demand channel.

Award for best communication at the Annual congress of the Association Francophone de Comptabilité (AFC – the francophone association for accounting)

Finally, Professor Sarah Maire received the award for the best communication at the AFC’s 44th Annual conference for her presentation with Maude Paré-Plante (Université Laval) and Sébastien Liarte (Université de Lorraine) entitled: « Once a scout, always a scout! Accountability through annual calendars ».

Many congratulations to these faculty members for those Research Awards!