Students of the IÉSEG Finance association in the heart of the City of London

In close collaboration with the School’s Career Department, the IÉSEG Finance association has set itself the mission of informing the School’s students about the jobs and challenges of the audit and finance professions, which represent nearly a quarter of the jobs occupied by our young graduates. To this end, the association organizes educational events, student-company exchanges and training courses via its investment circle.

In September, 15 students from the association had the opportunity to travel to London, in the heart of the City, for a week dedicated to the discovery of banking, finance and risk management professions. They were supervised by Jérémie BERTRAND, Academic Director of the “Financial Institutions: Risk, Compliance and Data Analytics” apprenticeship program and professor of Finance, and by Géraldine KREMPA, Deputy Director of International Corporate Relations at IÉSEG.

The program included meetings and networking sessions with managers from the investment bank Barclays, the start-up Paysme, the investment fund Urban Edge Capital, the company Chapelle Consulting, specialized in risk management, but also the discovery of the history of the City and the Bank of England and participation in an afterwork with IÉSEG graduates based in London in order to develop their network, thanks to the support of the IÉSEG Network association.

This trip is the result of a close collaboration between the students of the School, the professors, the Corporate Relations Department and the alumni association. We had the chance to meet very different actors of the audit, finance and risk management sectors, and being able to evolve for a week in the heart of the City gives this discovery trip the characteristics of a Learning Expedition. We paid particular attention to the issues of ecological transition and sustainable investments, and we all came away from this trip even more passionate“, explains Charles CERVIA, President of IÉSEG Finance.