IÉSEG graduates doing well in the labour market

cgeIn 2016, 32 Management Schools including IÉSEG took part in a survey led by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) relating to the recruitment of young graduates from the French Grandes Écoles.

Here are some of the key figures concerning graduates from IÉSEG’s Grande École (GE) program (the survey was conducted in the first four months of the year with graduates from the 2015 promotion of the GE program):

  • Employment: 87,8% of our graduates surveyed found their first job either before leaving the School (77,9%) or within two months of leaving.
  • Salaries: The average salary of young IÉSEG graduates was € 38 063.
  • International dimension: the importance the School places on the international dimension is highlighted by the fact that 38,2% of young graduates started their careers outside of France (an increase from 36.6% last year). In total, 63% graduates had a function linked with international activities.
  • The types of job functions reflect the broad and generalist nature of the School’s 5-year Grande École management program:
 Functions %
Marketing 20,8
Commercial functions 17,5
Administration, Finance, Accounting 12,3
Audit 11,1
Consulting & advisory 7,8
Purchasing, supply, logistics 5,2
Central management 3,3
Communication 3,3
Human resources 2,6
Construction projects 1,9
Production /operations 0,7
Studies/ Information systems 0,7
Teaching/training 0,7
Technical assistance 0,7
Other service or department 10,0


The above results underline the competitiveness of our graduates on the labour market!

Congratulations to them all!