La Capsule IÉSEG gathers nearly 150 people for its conference on sexuality

La Capsule IÉSEG* is a student association of the IÉSEG School of Management, which objective is to encourage the development of the School’s students by sharing ideas, bringing culture and promoting personal development, through conferences, interviews, advice on books and films…

On Monday, November 15, nearly 150 people attended a conference in the Lille premises of IÉSEG on the theme of sexuality: consent (by Charline VERMONT, instagrammer, account @Orgasme_et_moi), sex education (with sexologist Norah LOUNAS) and LGBTQI+ communities (thanks to twins Cédric and Aline FEITO, who launched the Instagram and Youtube accounts “paint”).

Why this theme? Because these three topics have become societal issues and it is essential, today, to be able to address these major subjects, often considered taboo and yet specific to each of us and common to all of us, so that everyone can act, tomorrow, in an enlightened and responsible manner.

Since IÉSEG students will occupy positions of responsibility in their future professional lives, they will be confronted with issues of equal opportunity, discrimination of minorities, whatever they may be, and acceptance of all. We therefore wish to be part of IÉSEG’s Vision (to prepare and grow changemakers working for a better society), we wanted to organize this conference to help them, we hope, in these future challenges”, explains Mathis DUCHENE, President of the association and student in the bachelor cycle of the Grande École Program.


* La Capsule IÉSEG is composed of: Mathis Duchêne, Thomas Belot, Benjamin Devicot (Office), Eglantine Geynet, Camille Fortin, Oriane de Magondeaux, Clément Gibon (Events), Lisa-Maï Costet, Juliette Blot, Camille Collenot Guerrin, Marie Kerfriden (Speakers), Teo Ellena, Jean Fournier (Partnerships), Thibault Ferrand and Marie Quénet (Communications).