Launch of continuing education programs in marketing

The global network of accreditation for marketing professionals, Global Marketing Network (GMN), and IESEG School of Management, signed a partnership agreement to develop standards of professional certification in marketing.

For the first time, marketers have at their disposal a working professional, prepared in accordance with established standards worldwide.

This partnership between GMN and IESEG includes in particular the launch of a portfolio of new Executive Education programs for marketing executives. These programs will allow high-level specialists in marketing, worldwide, to access an innovative professional development, designed, developed and made ​​available jointly by the faculty and IESEG NAE – whose members constitute an expert group of the first order in the marketing and trade.

Upon signing the agreement, Darrell Kofkin, the CEO of Global Marketing Network, and Jean-Philippe Ammeux, the CEO of IESEG, have stated:

“This exciting and innovative relationship between GMN and IESEG gives us the means to realize our shared vision and shared widely. Demand is highest all over the world and at every level of the marketing profession, because marketers increasingly need to modernize and strengthen their capacity to achieve the results required by increasingly demanding business and their customers in a global environment, evolving, complex and difficult. “