IÉSEG launches a new research chaire in partnership with the National Association of Financial and Management Control Directors

Drawing on a high quality faculty recognized for its cutting-edge research in all fields, particularly Finance and Management Control, IÉSEG aims to maximize its impact on society by constantly providing its partner companies and institutions with the results of its applied research work, by offering them new practices and new ways of thinking, acting and deciding.

Born out of the expertise of its teams in corporate finance, their strong commitment to all aspects of CSR, and the awareness of a real need for business transformation, IÉSEG has chosen to launch a Research Chaire entitled “CFO and Sustainable Transformation” in partnership with the National Association of Financial and Management Control Directors (DFCG).

The aim of this research chair is to support Financial Directors and Management Controllers in addressing the major socio-economic issues of tomorrow so that they can contribute in depth to the transformation of their institution’s business models towards more sustainable and responsible trajectories.

Thus, the research work of the “CFO and Sustainable Transformation” Chaire will be built around three main areas of work: supporting financial departments in societal, social and environmental transitions; analyzing the CFO / General Management duo and identifying the complementary dimensions of the two roles for the best possible synergy; and finally, supporting financial managers in the digitalization of the Finance function.

The work of the Chaire will not only benefit the members of the DFCG so that they can put the results into practice, but will also allow IÉSEG to enrich the pedagogical content of all its programs for the benefit of all its students.

Led by Marie REDON, a graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and a Doctor of Management Sciences (Paris-Dauphine University, PSL) and Professor of Accounting at IÉSEG, the “CFO & Sustainable Transformation” Research Chaire will be made up of a team of renowned experts: Joao VIEIRA DA CUNHA, (Professor in Information Systems Management and Director of Research at IÉSEG), Nicolas BERLAND (University Professor and Vice-President of Finance and Partnership Relations at the University of Paris Dauphine), as well as Anne JENY, Marion LIGONIE, Lies BOUTEN and Sarah MAIRE (Professors in Accounting at IÉSEG and experts in CSR).

The support of the DFCG, which brings together more than 3,000 financial executives representing 1,800 companies, is an invaluable opportunity for the IÉSEG professors and the Chaire’s partner companies. Indeed, by benefiting from the strength of the association’s network, the researchers will be able to carry out scientific studies that are as close as possible to the challenges faced by companies and institutions and will be able to offer them new tools and decision-making models to best support them in their transition.

IÉSEG is opening this research chaire to all companies that wish to take part in the working group, support this project financially and benefit from the results of the research work of IÉSEG professors.

For more information: contact Antoine DECOUVELAERE I Marie REDON