IÉSEG launches new series of short research videos “60 seconds: Inside Research”

IÉSEG is pleased to announce that it has recently launched a new series of videos, called 60 seconds: Inside Research, that are designed to highlight different aspects of the school’s research and its potential applications for companies and organizations.

The concept of the new series of videos is very simple: following a short introduction, professors from the School explain in approximately one minute a piece of recent or new research, or ongoing research, and how their findings can be used to help companies and other types of organizations.

The first videos of this series focus on three very different topics: the factors that determine the success of crowdfunding campaigns as they evolve; (with Professor Mikael Petitjean); Green Logistics and freight transportation (with Professor Stefan Creemers) and arming consumers against product placement (with Professor Tina Tessitore). New videos will added on a regular basis over the next months that will delve into different areas of the School’s research (finance, economics, marketing, management, accounting & audit, negotiation, etc).

The aim of this new format of IÉSEG videos is to ensure that the School’s research is accessible to a wide range of different audiences and to highlight how it can also benefit social, cultural and economic development more widely.

The first three videos can be seen on the IÉSEG youtube channel.

IÉSEG faculty members have expertise on a wide range of domains, from issues concerning gender equality to the impact of big data for companies etc. Professors publish their research in some of the leading academic journals and many collect data and conduct experiments in companies/organizations, small and large. Their research looks at problems that managers and governments/other organizations deal with every day, and can provide evidence-based solutions to such problems.

Research is also a key element for students at the School as IÉSEG approaches the learning experience of each student as a cross-fertilization between research and teaching: through their research, our professors are constantly renewing their expertise, and teaching allows them to test new ideas that enrich their research. By publishing in leading journals, our students benefit from the latest developments in economical and managerial sciences.

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