Pedagogy: capitalizing on the effects of the health crisis to enhance the student experience

To guarantee its students the best possible learning conditions regardless of the health regulations, IÉSEG has decided to invest significantly to offer hybrid immersive teaching solutions on its campuses in Lille and Paris. This investment of around 1.5 million euros between May 2020 and August 2021 will allow for the mixing of both in-class and distance learning audiences, facilitating the involvement and interaction of these two types of audiences with each other and with the professor.

By the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, 100% of the classrooms will be equipped and functional, a proactive and demanding strategy for the benefit of the students and professors that places the School among the best-equipped business schools in France. Beyond the important technical aspects, the pedagogical approach linked to this equipment was also taken into account to allow for optimal learning. This is why this project was jointly managed by the Information Systems Department and the Director of Pedagogy, Loïc Plé.

IÉSEG has chosen to collaborate with several service providers specialized in audiovisual integration for collaborative purposes to offer a high-quality solution:

  • a touch pad allows the professor to manage all the equipment in the room,
  • several cameras record the professor, the students and the whiteboard at the same time,
  • several screens allow to see the students from a distance (for the students present in class as well as for the professor), an interactive board from which the teacher broadcasts and notes his contents and a display of the projected contents,
  • a sound panel guaranteeing the recording of the professor’s and the students’ voices, while neutralizing noise pollution,
  • high-quality speakers.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art equipment, even though this academic year is currently being organized 100% face-to-face, IÉSEG now has the appropriate equipment to adapt immediately to any change of situation.

In addition, this immersive solution will allow all international students who are currently unable to travel (or who are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the start of the year) to follow all programs entirely and with the same quality as if they were in class.

In accordance with its “One School, Two Campuses” policy, IÉSEG will now be able to offer the same courses at the same time to its students on the Lille and Paris-La Défense campuses. This will enrich the courses catalogue and will allow for a better mix of students from the two campuses, thus reinforcing the team spirit and promotion.

IÉSEG’s French and international students are thus guaranteed to benefit from an optimum learning experience.

Beyond the equipment of the classrooms, all of the School’s professors have been trained to use these new technologies and to adapt their content and teaching methods to this new environment. Indeed, managing both types of audiences, generating interactions with and between these audiences and ensuring that everyone understands what is taught requires a new way of teaching.

IÉSEG therefore encourages its professors to change their approach in order to integrate the best of technology into their teaching and to standardize its use by all for the greater benefit of its learners.

Thus, more than a hundred of its permanent professors have recently completed all or part of the “Teaching with technologies” Certificate, depending on their needs, their background and their interest.
Thus, IÉSEG has capitalized on the impacts of the health crisis in terms of equipment and pedagogy to offer its students, in this new academic year, the best of “phygital” teaching – physical and digital – to train and empower the changemakers who will work for a better society.