RAMERY group chooses IÉSEG to enhance its management

The Ramery Group, a family-owned group that ranks among the top 15 French companies in the construction and public works industry (from design, to construction, to operation and site development), has chosen IÉSEG to strengthen the culture and managerial approach of its leaders.

With a strong growth and 3,000 employees, the Group has strengthened its teams year after year by integrating new team leaders from various backgrounds. This diversity requires the creation and dissemination of a group culture that the employees involved will embody and bring to life.

Two years ago, Ramery launched a working group to build the company’s managerial identity, to harmonize practices, and to improve the skills and evaluation of its employees.

With this in mind, IÉSEG Executive Development and Innovation, IÉSEG’s executive education department, has co-designed, with Ramery’s HR and Training departments, a 6.5-day training program that will provide team leaders, both new and experienced, with the keys to deploying the managerial identity sought after by the Group.

The program includes face-to-face training, workshops and an inspiring evening, led by experts in coaching, management and communication.

The diversity of pedagogical tools offered by IÉSEG allows participants to work on the resolution of professional problems in an innovative and collaborative manner, thanks to exchanges and collective and federating practices.

The four modules of the program (1. Role and posture of the manager – 2. Delegating and communicating effectively – 3. Developing skills – 4. Managing difficult situations) take into account the human dimension in management to create value in teams and build loyalty among employees.

The first class of 10 participants graduated in 2021 and four more classes will be trained by 2022. Among the participants, several testify to their satisfaction with the program: “I recommend this course because it helps to deepen self-knowledge“; “We rarely have the opportunity to reflect on our management, we all know what we must or should do: to be aware, to think, to reflect during this course is very beneficial“; “This training gives us simple tools for quality management, which we can use in concrete situations of our daily life” or “It is a beautiful human adventure where I discovered my colleagues“.

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