Thibaut RINGÔ is elected President of IÉSEG Network, the association of IÉSEG alumni

On March 21, the Annual General Meeting of IÉSEG Network elected the new president of the School’s Alumni Association. A graduate of the Grande École Program in 2007, Thibaut RINGÔ succeeds Vincent CUVILLIER, who was coming to the end of his mandate. He also joins the IÉSEG Board of Trustees.

Thibaut joined AlterMundi in 2007, a pioneering company in responsible commerce created in 2003 and which develops stores combining pleasure shopping and sustainable products. He now serves as CEO of the company. He is also the co-founder of the “Green Friday” association, which aims to raise massive awareness of the impacts of our consumption and to encourage new purchasing habits.

“First, I would like to thank Vincent CUVILLIER for his remarkable work at the head of IÉSEG Network. It is a real honor for me to succeed him as President of our dynamic and growing association, whose objective is to promote our School and to support all its graduates throughout their careers, in a spirit of solidarity.
As a committed entrepreneur, very involved in social entrepreneurship and also a member of the Mission Committee of the Faguo brand (a textile brand that wants to embody Fair Fashion), I feel particularly in line with IÉSEG’s values and its entrepreneurial dimension.
I am taking over the presidency of the Association with a head full of ideas and, above all, the desire to take on the many challenges related to development and commitment.”

Thibaut RINGÔ, new President of IÉSEG Network and Managing Director of AlterMundi
IÉSEG's 60th Anniversary Badge