Maxence LAJOIE

Grande École Program / Promo 2019

Pricing Manager, ALDI


Before joining IÉSEG, I enrolled in a Bachelor in Business and Management program in a business school in my hometown, Tours. During these first three years of studies, I had the chance to study for six months in China, which confirmed my desire to give an even more international dimension to my career path. This is one of the reasons why I chose IÉSEG’s Grande École program.

Joining IÉSEG was an obvious choice for me. I wanted to integrate a School that was recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its teaching, its international outlook, the diversity of its courses, the opportunity to take courses 100% in English, the many partner universities, not to forget the student life’s quality and the many associations.

During the Master cycle, I mainly attended courses in International Business and Economics, which are global themes that allowed me to develop ideas for my professional project, to discover numerous subjects and new professions and to better understand the challenges and the organization of a company in a general way. The ability to take a step back and have a global vision is necessary, which is why I chose to study a wide variety of subjects.

Diversity is a word that describes IÉSEG very well. Indeed, the diversity of nationalities among the professors and students is an opportunity to discover new cultures, new ways of working, and to adapt to each other’s way of functioning. I think that this aspect made me grow quickly both personally and professionally. Diversity is also linked to the multiple choices of programs offered by IÉSEG. It is the opportunity to choose many courses according to your interests and to adjust your path according to your desires as well as to fine-tune your professional project over time.

I really enjoyed the “Change Management” course, which allowed me to understand how to manage change in a company and how to deal with this type of situation. We live in a constantly changing world, which evolves a lot and very quickly. It is important to know how to deal with all types of situations and to manage these changes in the best possible way in order to be successful.

The most outstanding experience for me was the Consulting Project. At IÉSEG, instead of doing a traditional thesis, we have the opportunity to work as a junior consultant in a company and thus solve a specific business issue. I joined one of the French leaders in toy distribution, King Jouet, to do a study on the economic and sales performance of a business unit. This experience was even more rewarding as I was offered a position as “Pricing Manager” during my consulting project. I signed my first permanent contract a few months before graduating!

Today I am a Pricing Manager at Aldi France. This position is still new within the company, but it is becoming more and more important. The challenges of price image, revenue optimization and increasingly competitive environments are pushing companies to invest in this area. It is also an opportunity to have a transversal position at the heart of a company, oriented towards purchasing (knowledge of products, monitoring of raw material costs, etc.), marketing (price being one of the cornerstones of the marketing strategy) and finance/management control (analysis of the company’s profitability, control of margins in relation to objectives).

My advice to potential applicants to the Grande École Program? Stay open, listen and be curious. Have fun, follow your desires and aspirations. It is by listening to yourself that you will be the best and that you will thrive at work.

Published on: October 12, 2021

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