Oumaima KARIM

Grande École – Master in Management Program (Double degree ISCAE/IÉSEG), 2017

For my last year in ISCAE, I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and go on a journey of self-discovery. I chose France because of its fascinating history, and IÉSEG principally because of the multicultural environment it promotes and its innovative pedagogical experience, based on autonomizing and responsibilizing students to make their own decisions and to think for themselves. The school is a bustling melting pot of young minds from different nationalities driven by the desire to learn and to challenge themselves.

Being an IÉSEG student has opened my eyes to a lifetime of possibilities. I have become more exposed to the world by meeting different people from different parts of the globe, breaking the stereotypes and bridging the language gap. I have become more polyvalent and flexible in different situations. It’s a fulfilling experience that changed my perception of life, and showed me the importance of values such as sharing with others and humility.

Published on: March 2, 2017

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