Xingyu ZHOU

Grande École Program
Class : IÉSEG studentCountry : China

Published on: September 1, 2015

IÉSEG is great school and actually the location of Paris Campus really surprised me when I arrived here.

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The professors here are quite nice to the students, really helps the international students a lot. The French students are really friendly and warm. They are willing to help me with any respect, like my French language and things like EDF. I also met a friend called Julien who is a French guy who used to study in Shanghai and Singapore.

Since I had studied overseas for quite a few years, I wasn’t really so excited at first about this Study Abroad thing.

I was more concerned about my academic stuff. It was the time when I first saw the Eiffel Tower at night by myself when I suddenly realized what an amazing city I am living in and I have to say thank you again for making this possible.

I am not really planning to go back to China recently because I want to spend more time in Paris to improve my language and get more familiar with this city.

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