A selection of videos highlighting the different areas of research at IÉSEG conducted by our professors.

Business-to-business selling in the post-Covid-19 era

60 seconds: Inside Research. Professors Bert Paesbrugghe and Deva Rangarajan present their research on business-to-business selling in the post-Covid-19 era.

A new model of corporate mindfulness

60 seconds-YuliaTitova

60 seconds : Inside Research. Julie Bayle Cordier, Professor of strategy and sustainability, presents some new research on corporate mindfulness.

Authenticity & perceptions of luxury goods

60 seconds : Inside Research. Gwarlann De Kerviler, Professor of marketing, presents recent research on the importance of authenticity in consumer perceptions of luxury goods.

How to negotiate successfully when trust is low ?

60 seconds-YuliaTitova

60 seconds : Inside Research. Jingjing Yao, Professor of international negotiation and Director of the Center of excellence for Negotiation (ICON), presents his work on trust and negotiation.

CSR, organizational restructuring and mass layoffs

60 seconds-YuliaTitova

60 seconds : Inside Research. Yulia Titova, Professor of finance, presents research on the role of CSR in the context of organizational restructuring and mass layoffs.

Winning back ‘lost’ customers

60 seconds-Matthijs MEIRE

60 seconds : Inside Research. Matthijs Meire, professor of marketing and a member of School’s Center of excellence for Marketing Analytics (ICMA) , presents his research on winning back lost customers.

The impact of Greenwashing on sustainability managers

60 sec susan esper

60 seconds : Inside Research – Susana Esper (Professor in CSR and business ethics) presents  research on the impact of greenwashing on sustainability managers.

MALYNES: migration and voting behavior of European citizens

Malynes Simone

Professor Simone Moriconi is interviewed about research looking at migration and voting behavior of European citizens.

MALYNES project


Professors Simone Moriconi and Thomas Baudin present the *MALYNES project (*Migration And Labor supplY wheN culturE matterS) 

Generation Z

60 sec Gentina

60 seconds : Inside Research – Elodie GENTINA, Associate Professor in Marketing at IÉSEG, presents the link between the digital natives and the Generation Z.

Product Placement

60 seconds: Inside Research - TinaTessitore

60 seconds : Inside Research – Tina TESSITORE, Associate Professor in Marketing at IÉSEG, explains the influence of product placement.

Key crowdfunding success factors

60 seconds: Inside Research - Mikael Petitjean

60 seconds : Inside Research – Mikael PETITJEAN, Associate Professor in Finance at IÉSEG, presents the Key crowdfunding success factors.

Green Logistics

60 seconds: Inside Research - Stefan Creemers

60 seconds : Inside Research – Stefan CREEMERS, Professor in Management at IÉSEG, describes the Green Logistics.