The Transition 2026 program seeks to ensure that students, staff and professors are equipped with the skills, knowledge, competences, and passion to address the most pressing global challenges today. The program started in February 2023. It includes a review of course and program content to ensure they address sustainability challenges, and a mandatory training for all staff (academic and administrative) as a stepping stone to drive change.

Furthermore, the school believes that sustainability learning goes beyond the classroom and is not exclusive to its students. Through this new strategy, IÉSEG is developing learning opportunities in and beyond classroom walls for all the eco-system. By doing so, sustainability will be integrated in a systemic and holistic manner through all the different activities of the school, pedagogical or administrative.

The goals of this program are:

  • By 2026, 100% of our courses and programs address sustainability regardless of the area of specialization and integrate the SDG’s.
  • By 2024, 100% of our professors, administrative staff, and students have been trained in sustainability. 
  • By 2024, 100% of our administrative services have a sustainability roadmap, with clear objectives for 2026 and KPIs to follow our progress.
  • By 2024, 100% of our academic departments have developed a roadmap to integrate sustainability into courses, mapping out existing course content, and ensuring coherence.

How do we get there?

  • Training
    > Training modules
    > Sustainability certificate for participants
  • Department/Service Roadmaps
    > Department/Service Roadmap including KPIs, roles and responsibilities for 2024-2026
  • Update of courses and activities
    > Inclusion of section on integration of sustainability for every course syllabi
    > Sustainability integrated into annual performance review
  • IÉSEG Staff
    > Academic
    100% programs, courses and capstone projects include sustainability or diversity dimension by 2026
    > Administrative
    100% our operational activities include sustainability or diversity dimension by 2026

Sustainability and Diversity Training Overview

Module 1 – Sustainability & Diversity at IÉSEG

Core Module for everyone – 2.5h face to face or online – starting February 2023

Introductory module. Its content is designed to set a common base of knowledge for all staff about the IESEG approach to environmental and social issues and challenges. It covers the school’s strategy, current actions, and objectives.

Module 2 – Environmental Sustainability

Core Module for everyone – 4h face to face – from March 2023 to March 2024

This module provides an introduction to the main themes related to environmental sustainability such as climate change, mitigation and adaptation, planetary boundaries, and biodiversity. It addresses current challenges and avenues for innovation.

Module 3 – Dealing daily with Diversity

Core Module for everyone – 4h face to face (if not done the previous years) – from March 2023 to March 2024

This module focuses on understanding cultural diversity and learning to work together.

Module 4 – Managing Diversity & Inclusion

Core Module for everyone – 4h face to face – from March 2023 to March 2024

This module explores different concepts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how these may manifest in an organization. It discusses challenges associated with diversity and how people and organizations can facilitate inclusion.

Module 5 – Electives

Custom Module – 3-4h dependent individual choice – from March 2023 to March 2024

Module 5 provides the opportunity for staff to select a topic the interests them. Current electives includes:
> The economy in the face of climate change: sectors, pathways, transitions, disruptions, unknowns
> Understanding Neurodivergence
> An introduction to ´degrowth’, ´post-growth’ and related concepts
> The Climate Fresk
> The Digital collage- environmental impacts
> Understanding the environmental crisis to reinvent businesses (Mooc)
> Deep Time Walk- understanding the evolution of earth and natural resources
> “2 tons” workshop on reduction of carbon footprints
> Mindfulness for sustainability

Module 6 – Field Trip or inspirational speaker

Team-based – 3h face to face – from January 2024 to March 2024

This module intends to provide external inspiration and knowledge specific to the expertise of each team, allowing teams to understand the changing context, and integrate these discussions into their module 7 discussions.

Module 7 – Roadmap workshop

Team-based – 3h face to face – from March 2024 to May 2024

This module will be a guided workshop where teams will work on defining a 3 year roadmap to integrate sustainability into their activities, identfying specific objectives and KPIs.

A look back at the training in pictures

Thumbnail of Transition 2026 program Thumbnail of Transition 2026 program Thumbnail of Transition 2026 program Thumbnail of Transition 2026 program