The IAB Mission

Because it has a clear knowledge of the skills requested by business, and because of its good understanding of the international stakes at hand, the International Advisory Board (IAB) gives its recommendations to the authorities of IÉSEG School of Management in the following areas:

  • Programme contents and teaching
  • Research activities (assessment and orientations)
  • Launching of new activities
  • Contacts with the corporate world

The IAB Members are:

Chairman of the International Advisory Board

  • Pr. Alberto GRANDO – Bocconi University (Italy)


  • Pr. Keith GLAISTER – Leeds University Business School (United Kingdom)
  • Pr. Marielle HEIJLTJES – Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics (Netherlands)
  • Pr. Alfred STEINHERR – European Investment Bank (Luxembourg)
  • Mr Marc DELOZANNE – Leroy Merlin (France), Président du Conseil d’Administration de l’IÉSEG
  • Mr Rizwan KARA – Vice-President, Business Development, FONEX (Canada)
  • Mr Gianni CAMISA – OCS S.p.A (Italy)
  • Mr Hervé GLOAGUEN – Allianz (France)
  • Mr Henri FAUQUENOIS – Sodexo (France)
  • Dr. Renee KIM, Han Yang University (South Korea)
  • Ms Christine POTTER, Cornell University (USA)
  • Dr. Rebecca TAYLOR, University of Southampthon (United Kingdom)