La Grande École

IÉSEG School of Management is a Grande École and thus is part of an elite group of French higher education institutions. Of the 63 business schools in France that have a Grande École program, IÉSEG is among the 12 that have received AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations.

The Grandes Écoles (literally in French “great schools”) of France are higher education establishments outside the main framework of the French university system. The grandes écoles select students in France for admission based chiefly on national ranking in competitive written and oral exams. In contrast, French public universities have a legal obligation to accept all candidates of the region who hold a baccalauréat.

The Grandes Écoles do not have large student bodies. Its membership includes government service, engineering, and business schools that are generally considered to be the most prestigious in their fields. Most of top French executives, in business, politics and the administration, graduated from them.

Moreover, IÉSEG belongs to the selective Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE). The CGE is a French national institution, created in 1973. Conditions of entry to the Conférence des Grandes Écoles are strict, and the member institutions and the degrees that they award are highly regarded by students, the public and French employers.

Membership conditions include:

  • state-accredited degree (grade de master),
  • recruitment through a nation-wide concours (highly competitive examination),
  • a program of studies of at least five years,
  • educational and budgetary autonomy,
  • high-quality faculty and physical resources,
  • qualitative pedagogy with a high level of interaction between professors and students (small groups),
  • well-developed research activities,
  • strong international dimension, and
  • strong connections with the corporate world.

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