[CONFERENCE] The world economy on the way to uncertain times

Wednesday 25th January 2023 at 18:30 in Lille campus

The conference is held in French

Registration is free but compulsory!


IÉSEG is pleased to invite you to the conference “The world economy on the way to uncertain times” led by Eric Dor, Director of Economic Studies at IÉSEG and leading expert in the French and international press.

The clouds are gathering. Poorly recovered from the pandemic and hard hit by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the global economy faces an increasingly uncertain outlook. In an environment of very high inflation, the tightening of global financial conditions is undermining investment volumes.

In China and Asia, the slowdown has been more pronounced, contributing to lower global output growth. Only two years after the last pandemic-related recession, a new global recession seems to be looming; more importantly, the prospects for rebound and growth could be permanently damaged.

So what can we expect in the early months of 2023, when the uncertain has never been more certain?

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