[Meet with us] Smart Recruitment Fair

February 19th, 2024 (22h00 (UTC) – Guadalajara

Organized by FPP
Registration required > places limited


what to expect?

” > Powered by technology: students can scan your QR code at the event to instantly access your materials, train and maintain the connection. Likewise, you can scan their own codes with the FPP Events app to capture information.

> Registered students benefit from our matchmaking tool and come to the event armed with an idea of their fit with your school, increasing your engagement with well-matched students.

> Capped at 40 exhibitors to keep experiences good at all levels.

> More sustainable than traditional physical events, thanks to the power of technology

> Smooth, convenient follow-up: contact your new connections and they’ll receive a ping via push notifications on their phone, via The Student World app”


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