[Research Seminar] IFLAME: “The French employment strategy, the case of the CICE'” C. CARBONNIER – Université Paris 8

Speaker: Clément CARBONNIER
Université Paris 8 – Vincennes Saint Denis

Date and Location – Thursday May 19th 2022 from 12:00 to 13:30 in P400 (Paris campus), in B252 (in visio on the Lille campus) and on Zoom



Since the economic slowdown of the late 1970s, the cost of labor – specifically the cost of the social security system – has been accused to be the main source of underemployment in France. The CICE tax cut in 2013 has been the continuation of the main French employment strategy since the 1990s, that consists in reducing firms’ mandatory levies on labor. Thanks to exhaustive matched employee-employer data, it is possible to assess the impact of the CICE on employment and wages. The results of this assessment are compared to the impacts of previous social contribution cuts in France and in other countries.

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