[Research Seminar] Management & Society: “Communities at the Nexus of entrepreneurship and societal impact creation: a dynamic framework of community types and roles” S. BACQ – Kelley Business School

Speakers: Sophie BACQ
Kelley Business School of Indiana University and
Institute for entrepreneurship & competitive enterprise faculty fellow

Date and Location – Thursday September 23rd 2021 from 15:30 to 17:00 in B252 (Lille campus), P400 (Paris Campus) and on Zoom



A consensus has emerged around the importance of entrepreneurship for generating societal impact. There is also an increasing recognition of the inability of entrepreneurship alone to address societal grand challenges and of the important functions played by the communities in which entrepreneurial ventures are embedded. For management researchers in general, and entrepreneurship researchers in particular, this calls for a better understanding of the nature of communities, and the roles they play at the intersection of entrepreneurship and societal impact creation.

However, research on this interdisciplinary phenomenon is disconnected and spans well beyond the fields of management and entrepreneurship. Researchers lack both a clear understanding of the community construct and an integrative framework to guide further inquiry. To address this gap, we conduct a systematic review of the literature published in 51 journals across the management and entrepreneurship, economic development/community development, economic geography and regional science, energy, and public administration disciplines.

Based on this review, we identify five types of community and describe how societal impact is generated through entrepreneurial efforts for, in, with, enabled by, and driven by communities. Our review reveals trends and gaps in the extant literature, uncovers community dynamics that are critical for societal impact creation through entrepreneurship, and sets forth an evidence-based agenda for future research.