[Webinar] Virtual Week of the Master Grande École Cycle majors – “Asset and Risk Management”

Come and ask your questions about the Master Cycle of the Grande École Program majors
during our virtual week on Monday 6 February at 1pm!

The aim of this major is for students to understand the functioning and management of the key risky financial assets in one of the most challenging and fast-changing industry landscapes.


  • Presentation and content of the program
  • Admission procedure
  • Discussion and answer to your questions


  • Prepare for a career in a large variety of financial firms, including retail banks, investment banks, mutual funds, audit firms, insurance firms and investment houses.
  • Acquire deep knowledge of financial products to understand the emergence of new financial technology innovations.
  • Be able to manage different classes of financial securities in an ethical and responsible way.
  • Learn about a wide selection of markets from FX to bonds, from stocks to alternative assets and green assets.
  • Analyze the modus operandi of more sophisticated options, futures and swap contracts.
  • Understand and implement quantitative techniques to analyze financial data and improve risk management techniques.
  • Grasp the recent changes undergone by the financial industry since the 07/08 subprime crisis and the challenges ahead, along with the impact of recent regulatory developments.


  • Mikael PETITJEAN – Major’s representative
  • Valérie MARRAGOU – Career Deputy Director
  • Mathilde DEBOUDT – Admissions Officer