[Webinar] Virtual Week of the Master Grande École Cycle majors – “Digital Transformation”

Come and ask your questions about the Master Cycle of the Grande École Program majors
during our virtual week on Monday 6 February at 6pm!

Digital Transformation are at the heart of all organizational processes. They must be developed and managed in a way that aligns with the organizational goals. This major trains experts who can act as a bridge between technical experts (i.e. engineers) and users (managers, users, customers) in organizations.


  • Presentation and content of the program
  • Admission procedure
  • Discussion and answer to your questions


  • Understand how IS can be used to satisfy organizational information needs and support organizational change.
  • Identify opportunities to solve organizational problems or create opportunities through the use of information technology.
  • Participate in the design, development, and implementation of organizational information systems.
  • Guide information systems projects and understand ethical IS-related challenges.


  • Azadeh SAVOLI – Major’s representative
  • Valérie MARRAGOU – Career Deputy Director
  • Mathilde DEBOUDT – Admissions Officer