[Webinar] Virtual Week of the Master Grande École Cycle majors – “International Negotiation & Business Development”

Come and ask your questions about the Master Cycle of the Grande École Program majors
during our virtual week on Tuesday 7th February at 7pm!

This major focuses on nurturing international negotiation experts with professional knowledge in business development to handle procurement and sales activities as a liaison with customers, suppliers, partners and organizational units in business networks.


  • Presentation and content of the program
  • Admission procedure
  • Discussion and answer to your questions


  • Know how to attract customers in order to deliver the value of relationship management to target audiences.
  • Become an expert in negotiation to manage conflicts and provide solutions in business interactions.
  • Know how to make ethical decisions in a changing environment and build mutual benefits with business stakeholders.
  • Provide analytical knowledge in professional selling to customers and create business roadmaps for implementation.


  • Chavi CHEN – Major’s representative
  • Valérie MARRAGOU – Career Deputy Director
  • Mathilde DEBOUDT – Admissions Officer