[Webinar] Virtual Week of the Master Grande École Cycle majors – “Operations & Supply Chain Management”

Come and ask your questions about the Master Cycle of the Grande École Program majors
during our virtual week on Tuesday 7th February at 6pm!

This major focuses on how a firm can efficiently manage its operations, logistics, supply chain, purchasing, inventory, quality, and projects.


  • Presentation and content of the program
  • Admission procedure
  • Discussion and answer to your questions


  • Receive training to become an operation manager of the future.
  • Reflect on, analyze, and make crucial and ethical decisions related to product and service companies’ operations.
  • Understand everything about companies’ decisions on production, logistics, inventory, projects and purchasing.
  • Provide knowledge to increase companies’ efficiency, while meeting quality expectations.
  • Manage a supply chain.


  • Sarah VAN DER AUWERAER – Major’s representative
  • Valérie MARRAGOU – Career Deputy Director
  • Mathilde DEBOUDT – Admissions Officer