The Big Data & Analytics bootcamp is a unique program aiming at topping participants’ knowledge on state-of-the art data science tools bridged with the practical relevance on how to create value with Big Data and Analytics in real-life business settings for marketing, finance, communications, human resources and operations.

Upon successful completion of this bootcamp, the participants will be up-to-date with the latest data science developments in the business analytics field, and step out with a clear strategy on how to create value for their company.


At the end of this bootcamp, participants will be able to:

  • Understand do’s and don’ts on how to create value with Big Data and Analytics in business context
  • Learn how to build, evaluate, interpret and deploy state-of-the-art data science tools
  • Boost data science skillset using and

Who can apply?

The Big Data and Analytics for Business bootcamp program is designed for professionals coming from any industry with at least one year of professional experience in the area of business analytics, data analytics, data analysis, data science, data engineering, statistics, data management, project management, or related fields.


5 modules of 2 days

Machine Learning Essentials
Participants will learn how to build high-performing machine learning models, measure the performance of predictive analytics techniques and interpret and deploy machine learning models.
Big Data Tools
Participants will learn the fundamentals of Big Data technologies needed to crunch Big Data and efficiently deploy data science within their organization. At the end of this module, participants will be familiar with the available technologies in Big Data and use Spark and its libraries as a tool for descriptive and predictive analytics.
Deep Learning Essentials
Participants will learn the essentials of Deep Learning and learn to detect relevant business use cases.
Text Analytics
Participants will learn the essentials of Text Analytics such as text preprocessing and representation methods to convert raw text documents into a numeric representation. Various applications of text analytics are introduced such as visualization, concept extraction, topic modelling, document clustering and text classification.
Business Analytics Case Studies
Participants will be introduced to various practical business analytics case studies executed by the instructor team. The course will give insights into the do’s and don’ts of the practical implementation of the analytics in your organization.
Complementary Self-Study Courses on
Personalized learning path depending on participants’ profile and skills. Includes access for a year with Python Programming, R Programming, GIT…

Pedagogical Modalities

The pedagogy is interactive, questioning (descriptions, study and implementation of practical cases) and experimental pedagogy (structural immersive training in the different stages of a project, role playing).


> IÉSEG certification for successful completion of the bootcamp
> certifications for Core Courses
> certifications for Complementary Courses



IÉSEG offers scholarships in the form of tuition waiver up to 50% for participants who meet the various criteria:

  • EARLY BIRD SCHOLARSHIP: 10% tuition reduction for all applications confirmed before November 30th
  • PARTNER COMPANIES SCHOLARSHIP: 10% tuition reduction for all applications for all executives coming from a partner company
  • MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIP: up to 25% reduction based on the participant’s overall application
  • ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP: 25% tuition reduction for all our Alumni