The Family Business Management program has been designed to understand management and development opportunities for family companies, allowing them to identify these types of opportunities for their companies.

The multidisciplinary approach is rich with the input of leading stakeholders from the family business world in France and Italy. It provides the participants (heirs of business entrepreneurs or young professionals) with the skills necessary to build and run a family business model efficiently.

This program is in partnership with the LUISS Business School (Rome, Italy). The modules are taught in English, and two modules will be held on the IÉSEG Paris-La Défense campus (English). The eight other modules will be held at the LUISS Business School in Rome, of which two will be in English.


The program is designed for heirs of business entrepreneurs who wish to take over their family business and young professionals who already work for or would like to work for a family business, in order to gain and develop the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to efficiently manage a family business.

Program Director

Fabio Corsico, Director of External Relations, Public Affairs and Development at the Caltagirone Group.




❯ Understanding growth and development opportunities for  small and medium-sized family enterprises.


This program is taught mainly in Italian, except for the following modules, which are in English: “Competitive Strategy and Business Model” and “Corporate Finance”.


Module 6 – Competitive Strategy and Business Model

The goal of this module is to provide the theoretical and conceptual tools required for the understanding and the definition of corporate strategies adopted by family businesses. It is also for participants to be able to analyze the driving forces and critical success factors of main growth strategies.


  • Develop strategic management at the manager level
  • Create value by leading a business unit to performance
  • Use concepts and tools based on updated research in strategic management

Module 9 – Corporate Finance

The goal of this module is to understand aspects of family businesses’ financial systems, focusing on internal and external elements, along with conditions that affect the financial status of a family business.


  • Analyze family companies’ financial statements and situations from the profitability, liquidity and financial structure standpoint
  • Analyze family companies’ organic growth and their capital budgeting decisions
  • Measure and compute the company’s cost of capital and define the optimal capital structure
  • Evaluate the relation between risk & return
  • Assess and compute the operating & finance leverage
  • Know how to finance an investment or a business combination in a family business

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Executive Experience

Experiential Learning

The program adopts a learning model based on experience. Participants will be involved in simulations, workshops, and business games, where they will have to use their skills to analyze problems, set priorities and reorganize the resources available to achieve the objectives set. Experiential learning, allowing them to face situations of complexity in a protected context, is a means of improving problem solving, critical thinking and creativity skills.

Executive Follow-Up

After the end of the course, former participants will have the opportunity to discuss with faculty members the practical application of what has been taught or assess with their coach the outcomes of projects and actions undertaken.

Workshops and Business Visits

Meetings with leaders, top managers and company directors, designed to provide real examples of daily management of companies’ main dynamics.


Faculty and Advisory Board

  • Patrick Daguet, Professor of Finance at IÉSEG, CFA Charterholder, MBA from ESC Pau (France) and Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Université Paris V (France)
  • Ghassan Yacoub, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy at IÉSEG, PhD in Management, Cass Business School (United Kingdom)
  • Pierre Guerin, Director Family Office Décathlon, IÉSEG Alumni
  • Barthelemy Guislain, Director Family Office AFM/Mulliez Family, IÉSEG Alumni



For more information about the admission requirements and fees, please contact Antoine Decouvelaere : a.decouvelare@ieseg.fr