Full Professor
Ph.D., Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Ghent University
Major Coordinator
Track: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
LEM Member
  • 2009 : Ph.D., Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2003 : Master, Business Administration, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2002 : Master, Engineering, Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende, Belgium
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Bruneel J., Billiet A., Dufays F., (2023). Exit, Voice, or Both: Why Organizations Engage with Stakeholders, Business & Society, NA (NA) 42.
  • Bruneel J., Filip De Beule F., Dobson K., (2023). The internationalization of social enterprises: the impact of business model characteristics, International Business Review, na (na) na.
  • Ratinho T., Bruneel J., (2023). Taking stock of research on hybrid organizations: Enriching theoretical perspectives, extending empirical contexts, and expanding practical relevance, Journal of Business Research, 170 (January 2024) 114313.
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