Workshop programme


  • Format

    24 months

  • Languages

    French & English

  • Location

    Paris – La Défense

  • Fees

    39 000€

  • Intake

    March and October



The Executive MBA program revolves around 4 semesters from self-knowledge and leadership development to how to control your environment (27 modules of 16 hours).

4 semesters to build positive and sustainable leadership:

  • Organizing for sustainable performance
  • Positive and transformational leadership: Developing a personal leadership journey
  • Developing a strategic mindset
  • Leading for innovation

During each semester the participants are required to work on a personal project. The projects are to be handed over at the end of every semester and will be counted as the main evaluation.


In order to personalise their learning experience, the participants choose from a series of electives each semester. Strategic innovation and emerging technologies, Corporate strategy, Brand management, strategy, Decision making for managers, Coaching executives and teams, Omnichannel marketing, Leveraging big data – analytical customer relationship management, Advanced corporate and structured finance are examples of the electives to choose from.

Professional thesis

During the second year of the program, the participants work on their professional thesis with an academic director. They can choose a topic concerning their career and / or professional project. The study should provide a set of recommendations and directions that can be implemented immediately.

Educational construction

A Professional Advisory Board including external personalities is working on the directions of the program to ensure that they meet the requirements of businesses.

In addition, an education committee including all IÉSEG faculty and CEGOS experts who provide teaching in the program initiates innovative teaching modes in the various modules.

Full Program


Organizing for sustainable performance

Developing a sustainable mindset

IS, operations and supply chain management

Managing human resources

Performance management

Digital transformation

Elements of financial analysis and corporate finance

Positive and transformational leadership: Developing a personal leadership journey

Team induction seminar

Leadership mindset

Essence of personal leadership

Positive and fair leadership

Intercultural and diversity management

Organizational change management

Career development

The self-aware manager

Developing a strategic mindset

Global economics

Strategic analysis

Competitive strategy and business models

International marketing

Creating sustainable value

Leading for innovation


Design thinking and creativity

Managing the ecosystem of innovation


Interactive, diverse teaching methods to:

> Increase learning efficiency

> Encourage you to put into practice new concepts learnt

> Stimulate discussions between participants and with contributors

> Alternate personal work and group work

> Encourage you to take a step back and gain new insights

> Deepen understanding of issues tack

> Led

Teaching methods used:

> Case studies

> Corporate games

> Group Coaching

> Group discussions

> Role playing

> Lectures

> Blended learning via a collaboration platform dedicated to programme participants

General contact

Alizée RAYES

IÉSEG's 60th Anniversary Badge