Educational and Technological Innovation

IÉSEG’s Center for Educational and Technological Innovation (CETI) is dedicated to pedagogical engineering and innovation. It participates actively to the implementation of IÉSEG Teaching and Learning Strategy.

CETI’s mission includes the five dimensions below:

1. Enrichment and improvement of IÉSEG students’ learning experience:

Enrichment and improvement of IÉSEG students’ learning experience by promoting a mix of pedagogical methods and tools that professors can use in the teaching, and progressively integrating new pedagogical methods and tools, both in class and online.

For instance, CETI has worked closely with language professors to develop flipped classroom formats.

2. Innovative pedagogical resources and solutions:

Development of innovative pedagogical resources and solutions with and for the professors, that enable the implementation of specific pedagogical experiences.

3. Follow-up of the pedagogical engineering of the students’ learning experience:

Follow-up of the pedagogical engineering of the students’ learning experience: promotion and diffusion of the pedagogical practices and tools; follow-up of the changes that result from the implementation of these practices and tools; training and coaching of the professors and of the administrative staff involved in the students’ learning experience; proposals about the students and professors’ assessment methods; realization of studies to assess the congruence of all these actions with IÉSEG Teaching and Learning Strategy.

4. Pedagogical and sectorial watch on practices and tools

Thanks to that, CETI’s members constantly have updated state-of-the-art knowledge and competences, matching the evolution pace of pedagogical tools and practices. Also, CETI members are invited as speakers in specialized conferences in education and training (for instance, CrossKnowledge Academy, Microsoft Techdays, Online Educa in Berlin, etc.)._AGR8517

5. Promotion of IÉSEG expertise and of its professors

The learning solutions (contents, simulations, online courses, etc.) created by the CETI in collaboration with IÉSEG professors are specialized and different from other existing solutions, whether about the way they look or about the content that they deal with. For instance, IÉSEG developed the first gamified MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).