3rd edition of the Teaching Excellence Awards: IÉSEG rewards the pedagogical quality of its professors

To implement its Vision 2025, « Empowering changemakers for a better society”, IÉSEG has defined 3 strategic priorities: the student learning experience, research with an impact and the international dimension. The School has thus opted for a balanced strategy between research and teaching, two activities that the School’s professors carry out jointly.

Through these activities, they contribute to the evolution of current knowledge and models and disseminate them to their students through a high-level learning experience. This way, students are equipped with the best knowledge and skills to face and evolve in a constantly changing world.

In order to reward the commitment of its professors, who constantly improve their teaching materials and practices in all programs, IÉSEG has created the Teaching Excellence Awards in 2019.

New for this third edition, a “Digital” Teaching Excellence Award was specially created to highlight the use of technology in teaching and learning, whether remotely, in classroom or in hybrid formats. Professors had to explain in their application how technology was used to shape and enrich the educational experience for the benefit of student learning.

For each of the other four categories (Bachelor’s level, Master’s level, Postgraduate Programs, and Executive Education), professors were nominated on the basis of student evaluations. Thus, 44 professors were nominated this year, some in multiple categories as they teach in different programs.

Then, professors were asked to submit a portfolio that included a curriculum vitae focusing on their teaching experiences, and most importantly, a portfolio describing their vision of teaching and learning (how they influence, motivate, and inspire their students to learn) and their contribution to the development of programs/resources/services to support learning. They were also asked to explain how they develop their own and other faculty members’ teaching skills and how they contribute to the development of new teaching methods.

A jury of 8 people* selected the winners for each of the five categories.

The 2021 Teaching Excellence Award winners are:

  • “Digital” Teaching Excellence Award: Antonio GIANGRECO and Loïc PLÉ

Antonio GIANGRECO holds a PhD from the London Schools of Economics. Also director of International Relations at IÉSEG, he is a professor of Management in the « People, Organizations & Negotiation » department.

Director of pedagogy at IÉSEG, Loïc PLÉ is a professor of Strategic Management in the “Management & Society” department. He holds a PhD in Management Sciences from Université Paris-Dauphine. They were rewarded for the adaptation of the course “Living Change Management”, which traditionally takes place partly at the Techshop (a fab lab of Université Catholique de Lille) and which, due to the health crisis, has been completely rethought by integrating the use of technology.

  • Bachelor’s level: Élise MARESCAUX

Élise MARESCAUX holds a PhD in Business Economics from KU Leuven (Belgium) and is a professor in Human Resources Management, and since 2019, she is Head of the « People, Organizations & Negotiation » department at IÉSEG. Among the courses she teaches are “International Human Resource Management”, “HRM Research Methodology”, “Talent Management” and “Fundamentals of Human Behavior”. Her research focuses on how companies can positively influence their employees through human resource management.

  • Master’s level: Frank GOETHALS

Frank GOETHALS holds a PhD in Applied Economics from the KU Leuven (Belgium) and is a professor in Information Systems Management in the “Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Information Systems” department at IÉSEG. He teaches courses such as “Trends in Digital Innovation”, “IS Strategy & Company Observation” and “Experiencing Contemporary Software”. His research focuses on trends in new technologies and information systems.

  • Post-Graduate Programs : Nico HEUVINCK 

Assistant Professor in Marketing and Academic Director of the MSc in Digital Marketing & CRM at IÉSEG, Nico HEUVINCK holds a PhD in Marketing and Applied Economic Sciences from Ghent University (Belgium). His teaching focuses on marketing research methodologies and (irrational) consumer behavior, notably through courses on “Neuromarketing”, “Experimental Designs” or “In-store marketing”. His research work focuses on attitude theory, (irrational) consumer behavior, incentive marketing, health and well-being, brand ethicality, sensory marketing and store atmospherics…

  • Executive Education : Gwarlann DE KERVILER

Gwarlann DE KERVILER holds a PhD in Marketing from Université Paris-Dauphine and an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is a professor of Marketing and is Head of the “Marketing & Sales” department at IÉSEG. She is a regular contributor to the Executive Education and Executive MBA programs, where she teaches courses on “Brand Management” and “Brand Capital and Valuation”. Her research focuses on customer relationship management, luxury marketing and new trends in digital marketing.


For Loic Plé, Director of Pedagogy at IÉSEG, “these Teaching Excellence Awards show how much our professors are involved in the learning experience of our students. One of the key words that came up most often in the nominees’ submissions was “passion”. A passion for teaching, and a permanent commitment to the success of IÉSEG students. This commitment comes through the exchanges that professors have directly with students, but also through the support and advice given to colleagues who wish to improve the quality of their courses. Moreover, the profiles of the professors rewarded this year show to what extent, even with a heavy administrative load, they manage to combine teaching excellence with excellence in research.”


* The 2021 jury was composed of Catherine GABELICA (Professor of Human Resources Management and Director of the IÉSEG Pedagogy Certificate), Robert JOLIET (Professor of Finance and Academic Director of the Grande École Program) and Loïc PLÉ (Professor of Strategic Management and Director of Pedagogy) and the winners of the 2020 edition: Olivier BOUCLIER, Thomas LECLERCQ, Luc DESROUSSEAUX, Barbara SLAVICH and Stefan CREEMERS. For the Digital Teaching Excellence Award, Jessica TRECH, a multimedia pedagogical engineer from the Center for Educational and Technological Innovation of IÉSEG, joined them, while Loïc PLÉ withdrew from the jury since he was in the running for this award.