[COVID-19] Update about the beginning of the academic year

The beginning of the new academic year is a little more than two months away and there are still many uncertainties that depend on the evolution of the health situation. For the last few weeks, IÉSEG’s teams have been working on organizing the beginning of the academic year in September 2020 in order to welcome you on our Lille and Paris campuses in compliance with health and safety regulations.

In line with the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation’s decisions, our pedagogical organization will be based on different modalities that will allow lessons to be held in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing everyone’s safety and quality of learning. This organization takes into account the possibility of students being on or off campus, the integration of new students joining higher education, the building/reception capacities, and our pedagogical strategy.

The following conditions are planned for the School’s different programs:

  1. For students able to come to the campus, the majority of common core courses will be held physically in the classroom, and remote learning will take place for elective courses for the first semester;
  2. For students who cannot come to the campus at the beginning of the 2020 academic year (for reasons related to visas, cancelled flights, etc.), courses will be held online throughout the semester. We encourage these students to come to our campuses as soon as it is possible for them to do so. They will follow courses made up of a synchronous hybrid format mixing face-to-face and remote learning;
  3. The implementation of necessary technological equipment to ensure a high level of quality of hybrid teaching is underway;
  4. All health and safety measures that apply to IÉSEG professors and staff will also apply to students. A health protocol is provided for this purpose concerning teaching and the occupation of common areas. This aims to limit the circulation of staff and students, ensuring that they respect physical distancing, making the wearing of masks mandatory, and strongly recommending frequent hand washing, along with the cleaning and disinfection of the buildings.

These organizational modalities for September 2020 may evolve depending on the health situation, which could lead us to offer more online courses or a rotation between different groups of students, if this turns out to be necessary. We will keep you informed of any changes.

All of the IÉSEG teams are working on the organization of this particular academic year in order to offer the best learning experience possible. They will be happy to see students return to our campuses.