Creativity, a strategic challenge for companies

June 26, 2013

Companies are facing serious challenges and they must adapt to profound changes in order to remain competitive. They must be able to step back and modify their perspective.
It is only by developing its creativity and innovation that a company can implement new solutions in order to confront this new reality and improve company performance.
Creativity is also an efficient way to motivate a team. It encourages employees who wish to go above and beyond their responsibilities and to collaborate on innovative projects.
Certain companies have understood their potential losses, as well as the frustration experienced by their employees when they are not consulted.
Creativity is not innate; it can come from anybody. Nonetheless, it requires favorable conditions to grow and prosper in structured organisations.

To instill creativity and innovation, the company must train its managers to develop a creative thought process. This will help companies develop their ability to adapt, especially in the context of today’s economic crisis.

IÉSEG Executive Education helps you to develop creativity and innovation by organising two training programmes:

  • Session de créativité : animation et actions
  • L’innovation organisationnelle

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