Défil’Cancer: a fashion show to give back confidence to women with cancer or in remission

Created in 2008 by a group of IÉSEG students, the Défil’Cancer association aims to support women suffering from cancer or in remission in order to help them regain confidence in themselves and in their bodies and to shed light on their courage. Throughout the year, different workshops (make-up, theater, self-confidence workshops…) are organized, culminating in the organization of a big charity fashion show, during which these models parade for a night.

On March 27, more than a hundred guests gathered at the Château de la Fontaine, in Croix, to see the fashion show of 9 women that the 17 students of the association have accompanied all year. On symbolic songs such as “Résiste” by France Gall or “La Grenade” by Clara Lucciani, these models paraded, on the theme of Gatsby the Magnificent, in swimsuits, evening gowns or in outfits designed and created by high school students of the metropolis…


Their families, friends and numerous partners were there to support them, to allow them to reappropriate their bodies after an ordeal as difficult as cancer and to underline their strength.

Walking in front of an audience is not an easy thing to do, it’s even a real challenge. Our association wishes to show the courage and wilĺ hidden under these faces by illuminating them in front of the stage lights, for a moment. It is when we see the tears of joy, of pride of the models and also of the families that ours rise“, conclude Alice Cousin, Estelle Batagelj and Elise Delfour, co-presidents of the association Défil’Cancer.

The event also raised a total of nearly €2,000, all of which was donated to “Emeraude”, an association in Lille that helps people with cancer during and after treatment, and to the Ligue Contre le Cancer.