IÉSEG launches a new certification program: Big Data & Analytics for Business bootcamp

Data… In the era of artificial intelligence, this word is on everyone’s lips in the corporate world. Long reserved for a few cutting-edge digital companies, or for certain very specific services such as CRM, data is now being used at all levels of companies.

Customer loyalty, marketing campaign creation, risk management, business management or recruitment, data is everywhere and is becoming more and more prevalent in business models and value creation. Companies are therefore looking to hire data experts, whose skills are increasingly valuable and sought after as they are rare on the market…

A key player in Big Data, both on the research side with its Center of Excellence in Marketing Analytics (ICMA) and on the teaching side (with the MSc in Big Data Analytics for Business, which has become, six years after its launch, a benchmark for companies seeking talents), IÉSEG is now completing its curriculum by launching its Big Data & Analytics for Business bootcamp in January 2022.

“This short-term training (three months, at a rate of half a day per week) is ideal for working professionals, whatever their industry, who want to update their knowledge in these technologies that are constantly and very rapidly evolving, as well as to master the latest developments in data science,” explains Kristof COUSSEMENT, Academic Director of the MSc Big Data Analytics for Business and the Bootcamp of the same name. Choosing this bootcamp also means choosing to study in an international and multicultural environment, alongside participants from all over the world, which is why this training is delivered entirely in English in a hybrid format, from the Paris – La Défense campus or anywhere in the world thanks to its digital format.

Making Data Science work for companies

Designed from the beginning to meet the needs of companies, this bootcamp relies on a renowned pedagogical team, composed of ICMA experts and its historical partners (such as La Redoute, Oney, Crédit Agricole and Leroy Merlin) to offer an interactive and challenging pedagogy, mixing dynamic courses, studies and practical cases. At the end of the bootcamp, participants will be able to create, measure, interpret and deploy cutting-edge data science tools in order to integrate data into the value creation and business model of a company.

Concretely, the bootcamp will start with a first series of modules allowing participants to get familiar with the fundamentals of Data Science and the notions of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In a second phase, the students will move on to practical work by analyzing concrete situations experienced in companies, through case studies. In addition, participants will be able to specialize in the programming language of their choice, via and have access to the online content offered by At the end of the bootcamp, students will receive three certifications: the IÉSEG certification, testifying to the successful completion of the training, and the and certifications.

“Many Schools consider Data and Analytics to be technical subjects, limited to engineers or computer scientists. This program goes beyond that: in addition to acquiring technical skills, we place Data at the heart of the company’s value creation and train experts who will have this complementary business knowledge to be able to transform their organization’s business model,” concludes Kristof COUSSEMENT.


  • Duration : 10 days over a period of 3 months (Friday afternoons)
  • Language : English
  • Prerequisite : At least one year of professional experience, whatever the industry is, in the area of business analytics, data analytics, data analysis, data science, data engineering, statistics, data management, project management, or related fields.
  • Fees : 5 500€
  • Location : Paris-La Défense and online
  • Next session: from January 28th to April 22nd , 2022
  • Information and applications : Pauline POUPARD –
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