IÉSEG reveals the plans for its new campus in Lille: the IÉSEG Village


Photo: Trace Architectes/IÉSEG

Today, IÉSEG revealed a vast renovation and extension project, the IÉSEG Village, for its historic Lille campus. The objective of this project, inspired by the input and work of the School’s community (colleagues and students), is to create a campus of international standing, offering students a unique intercultural learning experience.

This project is in the framework of the School’s 2016-2021 strategy and its 2025 vision to be “a unique international hub empowering changemakers for a better society.”

Throughout the next years (2018-2022), the IÉSEG Village (around rue de la Digue/rue Architecte Cordonnier) will be developed in several phases (see below). Certain existing buildings will be renovated and expanded, and a new building will be constructed at the extreme southern part of the campus.

“Following the opening of the new building in 2017 on the Paris-La Défense campus, we are delighted to reveal this project for our historic campus in Lille. The objective is to create a campus of international standing for 2022, a true village in the heart of Lille and the Vauban neighborhood, which will allow the School to provide its students with a unique and intercultural learning experience,” Jean-Philippe AMMEUX, the Dean of IÉSEG, explained.

“Lille is a dynamic city for French and international students. Also, the fact that our campus is situated next to the Université Catholique de Lille (of which IÉSEG is a member), bringing together 30,000 students, is very attractive for students and colleagues.”

With a new architectural impact and green spaces, this project was inspired by a collective work within the School, in the framework of the Vision process. A work group (staff and students) has worked on the IÉSEG Village program in close collaboration with the executive management. Over 1,000 members of the IÉSEG community (students and staff) filled out a questionnaire or participated in interviews to collect different points of view, opinions, and expectations regarding this ambitious project.


Photo: Trace Architectes/IÉSEG

Overall, more than 4,000 m² extra will be created in the framework of the IÉSEG Village, a project that will be realised with Trace Architectes and TPF Ingénierie. Representing an investment of 21 million euros, this project will provide the School with the opportunity to pursue its development. It will also accompany the implementation of its pedagogical strategy, launched in 2016.

The objective of this strategy is to create a unique experience which is centered on intercultural learning and student engagement. Classrooms and common spaces will be designed to encourage the exchanges and the implication of each student through individual and group activities.
Also, the student associations, which are at the heart of the IÉSEG student experience, will occupy a new building at the South of the Village.

IÉSEG Village in a few points:

• A project with a strong architectural impact
• A place at the heart of the IÉSEG Village with a cafeteria and spaces that encourage interaction and exchanges, and multifunctional spaces around the patios
• New green spaces (throughout the village)
• 4,100 m² more and 4,600 m& renovated
• A sustainable campus: triple glazing; reinforced insulation; green roof; rainwater harvesting etc.